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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Horarium romanum

Schedule of Masses and other devotions in the traditional rite in Rome (according to the papal dispensation):

Sundays and feastdays
  • San Gregorio dei Muratori (FSSP)
    9 am, 10.30 am (Missa cantata—from October to mid-June), 6.30 pm (except Christmas Day)
    Via Leccosa 75, near the Piazza Porto di Ripetta. It's at the far corner to the left; the façade is currently under scaffolding so it's somewhat difficult to spot. Look for the red lamps (similar to sanctuary lamps but are actually for construction).

  • Chiesa 'Gesù e Maria al Corso' (ICRSS)
    10 am
    Via del Corso 45, just below the Piazza del Popolo, on the eastern side of the street. New Mass is also offered in several languages (including English). Very pretty chiesetta.

  • San Giuseppe 'Capo Le Case'
    10.15 am
    Near the Piazza Spagna, at the intersection of Via Capo Le Case and Via Francesco Crispi.

Monday to Saturday
  • San Gregorio dei Muratori
    7.15 am, 6.30 pm

First Friday
  • San Gregorio dei Muratori, in addition to the regularly scheduled Masses
    Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: 4.30 pm
    Benediction: 6.10 pm

First Saturday
  • San Gregorio dei Muratori, in addition to the regularly scheduled Masses
    Rosary at 6.10 pm

Last Wednesday, or otherwise announced
  • Basilica S. Maria Maggiore
    4.30 pm, in the Chapel of the Crucifix/Chapel of the Holy Relics (right aisle, between the Sacristy and the Sistine Chapel). Say hi to Pius V while you're there—before or after Mass, of course. Rosary in Italian follows in the chapel of the Salus populi romani.

Other Masses, for specific feasts or in other churches, or devotions (eg. Via crucis) are announced on the door of San Gregorio dei Muratori.

The Old Mass was once offered in St Peter's, in the Hungarian chapel, if I remember correctly.

Curiously, there is a Latin confessor at St Mary Major, by the entrance to the the Cesi chapel (Blessed Sacrament chapel), on the left aisle. I dare you.

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Blogger roydosan:

An Old Rite mass will be celebrated in St. Peter's Basillica in the crypt either this October or November - I will put up the date once I get hold of some more details.

Thu Sep 29, 07:13:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Liturgeist:

I knew about the Latin confessor... have known since last December when was first in the Eternal City singing a concert there... not quite up to it yet, though!!!

Thu Sep 29, 07:17:00 PM GMT  

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