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Monday, September 12, 2005

Off topic

I should contribute something.
Did you know one of the girls who read a line at the Papal Mass (I think for the prayer intentions?) was from Tucson? Neither did I. Big whoop, eh?
So what exactly is the purpose of this? Just so I don't say anything inappropriate. (Don't EVEN, Justin!!)
Love, Christa

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Blogger Boeciana:

Er... where's Tucson? Is it interesting?

With regard to your question: 'this' being the blog, or the Tucsonianicity?

Tue Sep 13, 10:03:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Aristotle:

CC is from Tucson (Arizona, USA).

I heard mixed reviews of the place from the two Tusconians (actually, I only heard one of them review it, and it was mixed).

'This' I think refers to the 'blog. Assuming that, here are my thoughts on what it is and could be.

It could be: a place to announce events and discuss issues related to the classical Latin Rite (although many websites discuss these issues at a rather high level - I will incorporate them into the sidebar soon); highlight links to reports about Juventutem (both in the 'blogosphere' and in the officially recognized press); link to pilgrims' websites; link to other websites united with Juventutem, if only in principle; reminisce about frozen water on the first night in Wigratzbad, etc.

Given that Google has just (today, I think) launched a blog-search utility, those who specifically search for Juventutem already will see this site on the top of their search results (try it). So I think all of the above are essential.

Also, given that this is a public forum, to post "with charity for all and malice toward none" is necessary to edify our readers and to honor our Faith. Not that we can't have fun, but we (contributors and commenters) ought to make an effort to keep it civil.

All suggestions aside, I think this 'blog's best purpose would be to put a human face on what is referred to as the traditionalist movement within the Church. The official Juventutem site is a great resource for information, but is necessarily more formal.

Wed Sep 14, 03:37:00 PM GMT  

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