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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Meeting in Rome

From Onofrio, who is making the arrangements:

There will be a meeting in Rome of the Italian Juventutem people, as well as anyone interested in the old rite and its appeal to the young.
The few Italians at WYD with juventutem, talking amongst themselves, were aware that often in Italy youth who appreciate the old rite and see it as the best means of sanctification are isolated and receive little information on the matter.

Thus a project is born, with the most happy collaboration with Juventutem France, to create an Italian association of traditionalist youth, which would be affiliated with the international Juventutem organisation but would retain its proper autonomy pertaining to administration and to programmes. The principal goal of the association would be the spread the knowledge of the old rite, called the Mass of Pius V, also offering means of spiritual growth by means of formation sessions, prayers, retreats, pilgrimages, and summer camps.
My translation.
The meeting will be next Saturday, the 17th of December, at the seat of Una Voce Italia, Via Giulia 167, 11 o'clock. It's located near the Ponte Sisto. You can take the infamous 64 bus from the Termini, get off at Sant'Andrea della Valle, walk south through the Campo dei Fiori and past the Palazzo Farnese. More information will be sent out by email within the next few days.

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Blogger Perpétua:

This is certainly wonderful news! Please keep us all updated with how everything goes! :)

Tue Dec 13, 05:05:00 AM GMT  

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