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Monday, January 02, 2006

A Missal

As my mother and I were driving back from Mass tonight (Tridentine...and we've had very positive news about the start of a Latin Mass Mission in Tucson sometime in February. Too late for us, though: we move to Southern California in a couple weeks.) we were bemoaning the dissonance between the Rites' calendars. Take for instance today's Solemnity of Mary, Theotokos. The feast did not exist in '62, admirable and fitting though it is. In the Latin Missal we celebrate the comparitively minor feast of the Circumscision of Our Lord. Wonderful saints canonized since the new missal have not all been incorporated into the Tridentine calendar. I think the reverence both in word and deed that was characteristic of the Latin Mass is what reasonable Traddies are after, no? They aren't just buried in the past, wishing for some static state of affairs "like it used to be when everything was perfect"? And is not our accent on our unity with the Universal Church in spite of a ritual difference? Why not join the Universal church in its feasts? Why not bother some Traddie community to add the Masses for missing feasts and solemnities into a Latin missal reprint? Perhaps it would discourage the separatist feelings that so often spring up in Traddie communities.

Any thoughts? Is there one of these in the works already?

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Blogger Brownthing:

Happy Holy Days, yall. :) -Christa

Mon Jan 02, 03:44:00 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous:

Thank you Christa, God bless you! I'm sure that you are going to have a grace-filled year. I think there is a commission or advisory board, or something of the sort set up for just this purpose - particularly adding feasts of new saints. I think too there may be a wider selection of readings in the works for Masses like 'Os justi'. I did hear that the Holy Father was going to promulgate something like this perhaps this year?

We are not living in the past - the calendar and the liturgy are not dead. We are not turning our churches into museum pieces, and our altars are NOT dusty! :)

The solemnity of the Mother of God is a beautiful feast - but there is beauty too in keeping to 'liturgical time' with the Circumcision on the 1st January. Having experienced the liturgy and calendar(s) of the East, having a different calendar doesn't bother me at all. I rejoice in it, actually :)

Mon Jan 02, 05:49:00 AM GMT  
Anonymous Thomas Kwok:

Dear all,

I hope nobody will mind if I post here regarding JUVENTUTEM 2008.

In short, JUVENTUTEM 2008 here in Sydney is already in the works. Although there is nothing as yet on our website, our address is We hope to have preliminary information out soon, but please feel free to spread the word.

Although Australia is a long way away, we hope that many will come to our shores and bear witness to the Catholic Faith through our devotion to the traditional liturgical practices of the Roman Rite.

The proposed dates for WYD2008 are 15-20 July, which of course will mean a very wintry summer for all of you from the northern hemisphere. The proposed Juventutem programme at the moment is a week in Melbourne and a week in Sydney for the actual 15-20 July WYD events.

So start putting some coins into your respective piggy banks and block out July 7 - 20 in 2008 at least, and maybe a few weeks more after that to see the rest of Australia! (after all, you can't come all the way here and not stay a little longer.)

Although there is not much more information re Juventutem than what is in this post, questions can be sent to the following address:

God bless

Tom Kwok
Sydney, Australia.

P.S. Please spread the word!

Mon Jan 02, 05:51:00 AM GMT  
Anonymous Thomas Kwok:

Might add that having looked closer at the site, I know well who Perpetua is, and therefore, that many of you on this blog may already have this info.

Nevertheless, feel free to pass the above post to others in the blogosphere.

Mon Jan 02, 05:58:00 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous:

My cover has been destroyed! hehehe! Just kidding - I will post this to the blog, Tom - God bless you! :)

Mon Jan 02, 07:42:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Liturgeist:

Put it in..!!!

And while we're at it, we can include saints from the Eastern Churches as well (coz some of them are terribly neglected...), in addition to all the local feasts we've abandonned and restoring the supressed ones I want back... Precious Blood being the big one...

(This would come with the Archdiocese of Southwark local calendar for the Classical Rite... ahh...)

Sorry... daydreaming...


Mon Jan 02, 10:21:00 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous:

But we do have the feast of the Precious Blood? Hehe, I love getting into such confusion! :) Us Romans should have a greater love for the Saints of the East - perhaps not so much for the sake of our own calendar, but to appreciate better the treasury of the East in her Saints and traditions. Sort of like a beautiful 'pax tecum' :)

Mon Jan 02, 12:33:00 PM GMT  

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