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Monday, May 15, 2006

Amsterdam Indult - The Story

Starting mid-September the Classical Roman Rite will be celebrated every Sunday in the Saint Agnes Church in Amsterdam. Priests of the Fraternity of Saint Peter will celebrate the Liturgies.

The search for an Indult location already started when Mgr. Bomers was still bishop of Haarlem. Already. Mgr. Bomers was always very open toward Una Voce and the possibility to establish a Indult in Amsterdam. However the situation in his diocese did not make it possible for him to designate a Church. The priests and parish board had to be convinced, unfortunately to without success. Mgr. Bomers himself showed his good will by ordinating six priests for the Fraternity of Saint Peter in juni 1998.

On September 9th of the same year Mgr. Bomers gave a talk in Brussels. After this talk he told father Duroisin fssp that he had found a church for the fraternity in Amsterdam. The details would follow soon. Unfortunately, completely unexpected, he died on September 12th while posting a letter. Nobody knew which church he had in mind.

Meanwhile the parish of Saint Agnes in Amsterdam was fighting for the preservation of their Church, which was on the nomination to be demolished. On August the 15th they organise a ‘oldfashined’ Marial Holy Hour [Marialof in Dutch, don’t know if the translation is correct], attended by the bishop. Mgr. Bomers in very impressed and on September 14th they receive a letter thanking them for their hospital and informing them that he had found a destination for their church. Unfortunately, since Mgr. Bomers died on September the 12th, nobody knew hwat he had in mind.

Meanwhile the successor of Mgr Bomers, Mgr Punt told Una Voce that his policy with regard to the ‘Tridentine’ Liturgy would be the same as his predecessor. Unfortunately he did not have the power to assign a church.

On December 2005 we were informed that somebody contacted the headquarters of the Fraternity of Saint Peter about the possibility of having the Latin Mass in the Saint Agnes in Amsterdam. A contact was established with the parish counsel, and the two storylines were finally connected.
The Saint Agnes Church is a beautiful church build in the 1930s that was, since it was on the nomination to be demolished, never renovated according to the new liturgical orientation. This makes this church especially suitable for the Latin Mass.

Comments [3]

Blogger Perpétua:

Adding my voice from Australia to a Te Deum amongst the Communion!

Mon May 15, 11:14:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Lactantius:

I think Msgr Bomers can now say in the words of St Paul, "Bonum certamen certavi cursum consummavi fidem servavi. In reliquo reposita est mihi iustitiae corona quam reddet mihi Dominus in illa die iustus iudex" (2 Tm 4:20).

Also the parishoners of St Agnes in preventing their church from being desecrated by the liturgical changes in the wake of Vatican II, have also merited that "thesauros in caelo ubi neque erugo neque tinea demolitur et ubi fures non effodiunt nec furantur." (Mt 6:20)

Gratias agamus Virgine Maria, Sancta Agnete et Sancto Petro.

NB Excuse the Latin in the last line but as I am not studying it (yet).

Mon May 15, 11:16:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Boeciana:

Laudemus et superexaltemus Eum in saecula!

With apologies if the subjunctives there, well, aren't.

Providence is good.

Tue May 16, 11:25:00 AM GMT  

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