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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A thought I had yesterday...

... St. Austin's homily (Mattins, first Monday of Lent) is an absolutely brilliant argument vs the often-found-Prostestant-view that 'I am saved by faith and it doesn't matter how I act'. Now, most of the Prods I know who hold that view actually perform many good works just... because. After all, Our Lord remains their example in this. But they hold the strange view nonetheless. Which has always mystified me.

The point being, are we sheep or goats?

Yes, I know this isn't a coherent post. But tough. I haven't got time to be coherent. I have to go and teach rock-n-roll to twelve year olds. What would the Holy Father have to say about that, I wonder!? This is a Catholic school. Honestly. At least inside my classroom.


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