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Friday, November 23, 2007

On that Meeting

The essential point that needs mentioning on that meeting in Camberwell is that there was no reference to the Cross. No sign of the Cross, no exhortation to embrace the Cross. No mention of prayer and penance. Ethnic diversity in the crowd was only really visible in the group of young people protesting perniciousness. No salute to Dr Collins for his comments on foreign born priests. If one consults publications coming out of the Sees of CfM's delight, and if the situation is so dire, then why is it that the very situation is praised in their pages - and not one line lies therein promoting vocations? Simple answer - but only prayer will conquer that one. You will be pleased to note that this meeting, far from being a happy discussion on theories of nature and grace, or on relationships with our separated brethren, or on methods of evangelisation, or even Catholic education, ended with a Salve Regina and, soon after, toasts to the Holy Father, and Holy Mother Church.

There are many tears to be shed over those Catholics who continue to be so easily led away, while exercising virtuous obedience, at the pull and snarl of wolves. Keep your claws off. Your candles have burnt out, your salt has ants crawling through it. Your time is over and gone. You do not make us afraid. You do not implant despair.

I suggest a response that involves singing, and prayers, and banners.

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Blogger Schütz:

Yes. No cross. No sacrifice. They want the gift of priests and the gift of the eucharist without the sacrifice and gift of self. Years ago, Joseph Ratzinger wrote:

"But the way to the joy of the gospel and to its great fruit leads only through the door of conversion. The greatness of the gift is always in proportion to the greatness of the gift of self." (Principles of Theology)

Sat Nov 24, 11:06:00 AM GMT  

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