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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I am tired. Lent is different than last year. My count is that there are less than two weeks until Tenebrae, and that is an awfully good thing. On things 'World Youth Day', I came up with the following at an early hour of the morning the other day, 'Fruit that can leave the country'. You really must be familiar with Australian quarantine procedures, but I think the little sentence has some potential.

Things are 'intensely' well, with opportunities to help little children grow in their faith - and watch them watch you, and then study and copy your every gesture, down to the particularities of one's thumbs.

Juventutem registrations and payments will be due by May 9th. Until then, you are able to pay in installments. We do need to finalise domestic transport as soon as possible. As ever, do consider registering.

Goodness, for the Lord's Goodness.

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