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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Update on the FSSP programme of discernment for young ladies

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I'm not sure that I can explain everything that has passed over the last year. For me, most of what happened was intensely interior; which is to say that God did a lot of stuff and I did rather less. Perhaps that is, in fact, the whole point. To recognise our own helplessness and need for His grace. Anyway, that's my excuse for failing to write about anything that's happened.If you want an actual update on the 'Demoiselles de l'année de discernement', read on. I warn you, we have no precise information to give!
As a year for discernment, it was pretty successful. Jessica (USA) is planning to enter Carmel. Jenny (Switzerland) is also thinking seriously about joining an existing congregation. Marie (France) is working on a project with the Institut du Bon Pasteur, her brother being one of their seminarians and the Institut suiting her personal spirituality more precisely, I think.
That leaves Laurianne (France), Marie-France (Canada) and myself (Great Britain). The three of us, ah... Suffice to say that we would very much like to continue formation in connection with the FSSP. The Fraternity is supportive. There are, however, slight technical problems there. For the formation of sisters, you need sisters. Yes, I know that every community has started somewhere, but it would really help if there were experienced religious willing to aid. The impracticality is that most traditional communities are contemplative, and most apostolic communities would be hesitant to associate themselves with so-called 'trads'. At any rate, we haven't found that sort of help so far. Second technical problem is the need for a house, funding etc.
The superiors of the FSSP are actively seeking a way to continue more... formally. However, any project for next September or next January would be premature and badly planned - even if one could be devised. So they are continuing over the next year with their own programme of discernment - because we have to recognise that this may still not be the Lord's will.... If anything happens it will be from September 2009. And that's an IF with capital letters.
In the meantime, the plan is for us to aid the Fraternity in some way that suits our personalities. I can't be more specific because it isn't figured out yet. Suffice to say that we're keen to help out and that the FSSP certainly isn't going to leave us out on the streets!
We have the intention of remaining free should anything come to fruition for the year after next. Otherwise there would be no point in the Fraternity continuing their efforts for us!
Please pray that God's will be done in all of this. And give thanks for the amazing opportunity I have received this last year to develop my relationship with Him. Or to let Him do it. Or whatever...
In Caritate Xi,
Julie Michelle Robinson.

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Blogger Anthony B:

Dear Julie,

A couple of us recently met two postulants, the only members of a new order. They knew their charism and, as importantly, strong suport from their Archbishop. This may seem elementary but absolutely essential.
May I wish all of you the best in such a worthwhile endeavour.
In Christo,

Fri Jul 11, 12:24:00 AM GMT  
Blogger AuntsAnon:

Might I perhaps recommend cooperation with the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church?

Sun Jul 20, 03:37:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Rachel Gray:

I just stumbled upon this. Thanks for sharing what was going on-- I'm looking at traditional orders for women too, and there aren't very many so this is good to know!

Sat Jan 31, 10:10:00 PM GMT  

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