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Sunday, February 05, 2006

After 33 years - another one clears the dust!

Our community is congregated into two centres, St Aloysius' Caulfield, and a smaller one in Kew, an eastern suburb of Melbourne, for the first Sunday morning (low) Mass. Today the Kew community moved into their new home - the Burke Hall Chapel with the most kind permission of the Jesuits at Xavier College - Sursum Corda! The last time the Classical Rite was celebrated there was 28th January, 1973 and somewhat marked the birth of the movement of Melbourne's Catholics attached to the traditional form of Latin worship. Some of us from Caulfield attended for the occasion, and it was just splendid. It was a real treat for the community to have a Missa Cantata - with lots of incense! The clouds of sweet smoke somewhat symbolised thirty-three years of dust being cleared away. We all know that altars weren't made to cradle dust. I'm so happy to be able to share the following photos - I'm sure we might provide the chapel with a new lamp soon. It was awfully kind of the Jesuits, please say a prayer for them. Besides all this, there were some rather interesting events in my day - I sang a Chesterton hymn, and Dan Schutte's 'Here I am, Lord', within six hours of each other, though of course not at the same place. I now have a headache, and need to go to Confession, but these pictures are very consoling! God bless you, all.

I thought I might quickly add that Father and his servers, when seated, found themselves under a banner reading 'Guardians of God's Creation.' What a lovely context.

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Anonymous Anonymous:

These are marvellous pictures - I wish I was there!

Sun Feb 05, 11:52:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Andrew:

I agree, I'll have to visit Melbourne again soon, it would be great to see Fr Tattersall & Fr McDaniels again.

Mon Feb 06, 09:24:00 AM GMT  

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