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Friday, June 30, 2006

Habemus Sacerdotem Novum

The Rev Father Michael McCaffrey, FSSP, was ordained to the sacred Priesthood on Saturday 24th June, 2006 at St Francis Xavier's Cathedral South Australia, by His Grace Philip Wilson Archbishop of Adelaide. The Cathedral was filled to capacity, the (free-standing) altar dressed magnificently, the choir in fine voice, the congregation with tears in their eyes, the Archbishop full of love and pride for his new priest. Please pray for Father McCaffrey!
How does one describe being in attendence at an ordination? Seeing a man of God received as Christ's priest forever, to offer Sacrifice, preach, baptise, forgive sins, consecrate? I don't know. All I can say that one should approach a priest with a degree of fear and trembling... The rite itself is sublime - if you are looking for a theology of the priesthood, then look there.
One of my favourite treasures (translated):
Dearly beloved son, as that which you will now have to do is not free from risk, I warn you that, before you attempt to celebrate the Mass, you diligently learn from experienced Priests the ceremonies of the whole Mass, and all that regards the Consecration and Breaking of the Host, and Communion.
It was my first trip to Adelaide, and getting there was not free from drama.
Friends and I were booked to fly Jetstar, a low budget arm of Qantas, whose 'home' airport is a little shed-like construction one hour from the city, and in the middle of nowhere. On arrival we learnt that our 20:00 Friday flight had been delayed one hour due to fog. One hour later, it was delayed yet another hour. Blasphemous South Park played on the sole screen, we got it changed. Another delay. Curfew at Adelaide. Flight Cancelled.
We scurried to secure 6:30 Virgin Blue seats for the ordination the next day at 10am. We were shuttled back to the city and arrived at 12:15am. By 1am we had made it to the Right to Life Office where one friend worked. An old house, with cushions and hot water. We managed to order a 2am pizza. Sleep by 2:45, up at 5:00, at the airport and checked-in by 5:50am. Flight delayed by at least 45 minutes. Woke up our MC in Adelaide at 6am with the frightful news... Rejoicing in the Lord, we finally landed in Adelaide at 8:30am and were met by a dear friend. After some refreshments, we arrived at the Cathedral at 9:40am, and with great relief made our contribution to the plumes of prayer for the new priest.
Father's first Mass was the next day. Never have I prayed the Suscipiat with such attention. The priest God!
Bus ride home later that evening.
Last night, Father McCaffrey celebrated his first Mass in Melbourne, very fittingly on the Feast of Ss Peter and Paul. Father Gismondi, FSSP, was sub-Deacon.
Ceremonial photos soon I'm sure. The ordination was filmed!
Habemus Sacerdotem novum, and while hell quakes in fury, Christ's people are glad, 'Deo gratias.'

Comments [2]

Blogger aaron:

Yes. It was sensational but mayeb the post needs a small correction.

the Archbishop full of love and pride for his new priest.

Hmmm... he's not the Archbishop's priest a) because he is not a diocesean priest and very likely never to have pastoral responsibility in Adelaide b) do you call a priest the archbishop's? Or is he simply Christ's?? Just a question.

I have two pics at my blog.

Mon Jul 03, 12:35:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Perpétua:

Well... in a temporal and canonical sense I would say that the priest 'is the bishop's', very much like a paternal relationship. Just as I would say that our FSSP priests are part of Archbishop Hart's men - best demonstrated at the Chrism Mass. Then I suppose, Father McCaffrey is 'our' new priest, regardless of where he is, so I might slot the Bishop in there, too! :)

What is the collective pronoun for a group of priests?

In any case, Archbishop Wilson was certainly pleased.

Tue Jul 04, 09:12:00 AM GMT  

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