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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Someone sent me this and I thought a few people could conceiveably be interested:

Old Rite retreat at Douai Abbey

Douai Abbey is about half way between Reading and Newbury in Berkshire.

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Blogger Lactantius:

This could actually be a solution to the quandry faced by Boeciana with regards attracting people to the Latin Mass. A quiet weekend away in an abbey, an introduction to the Mass and Office, a few conferences, spiritual direction if necessary and the opportunity to rediscover a part of the faith which has sadly been neglected.

Perhaps similar initiatives could be undertaken, either for a weekend or one week in other parts of the globe. All one would need is a receptive abbey, competent priest and good publicity.

I note too the priest who celebrated Low Mass last year was from the FSSP.

PS I was wondering if you might have any suggestions for a place to undertake a retreat for a few, possibly several weeks, in England. It doesn't actually have to be for a formal retreat per se just a monastic setting for me to experience silence and solitude whilst in prayer. I'm currently experiencing a state of aridity and feel that I really need time alone with my Creator to discern His will. It also would afford an opportunity to visit my aunt and the Oratory.

Tue Jun 06, 11:37:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Boeciana:

If you're willing to venture into Scotland, then Pluscarden Abbey. NO but all Latin and chanted and as it should be. Holy men. Looong way from London, though. Google them.

Wed Jun 07, 10:51:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Lactantius:

Thank you for that, I am Googling them as I write.

Sun Jun 11, 08:31:00 AM GMT  

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