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Friday, July 28, 2006

Fr Redfern and Evelyn Waugh

Photograph taken after Father Joseph Redfern's first Solemn Latin Mass. Father is a newly ordained Australian priest who will serve the diocese of La Crosse (The Crosier) in the States. Please pray for him. It was a beautiful Mass, of course. Click to see the large version of the picture, also featuring a very pious looking Jude!
I am on a little something like a mini hiatus at the moment. I gained full time employment on the feast of St Vincent de Paul, Deo gratias, and the night hours challenge the day!
I exhort you all to go and read the 'Sword of Honour' collection by Evelyn Waugh - it is magnificent. Every time I walk past the army barracks nearby, I miss Guy Crouchback! That should teach me for taking fancies to characters from books and portraits hanging in South Australian art galleries...

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