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Monday, November 27, 2006

Verba autem mea non transibunt dicit Dominus

How the Lord blessed us yesterday! We had the most wonderful day, from the perfect weather, to the delightful company. We were immensely blessed with the opportunity of hosting Monsignor Schmitz for Solemn Mass, and community picnic. I must say that the Monsignor is about the most pleasant person I have had the occasion of speaking with. He is very sweet and generous, and quite glows with joy! I am happy to report that the Monsignor was well fed, for when I offered him some cake, he commented on how well he had been attended with food, and to have more "would not be prudent!" Very sweet!

On top of all of this, Louise and Steven were there, just back from their honeymoon and in Melbourne courtesy of a delayed Air New Zealand flight! What providence when they were not aware of the Monsignor visiting. It was so lovely to see them again - and so soon - and so happy. Some other dear friends publicly announced their engagement yesterday also!

However, I must say that dear little Felicitas Perpetua, who is now just over four months old, was the most impressive on the afternoon. Monsignor gave her a special blessing, and called her a sure "Latinist". It's quite impossible that she be anything else when on her bib there is written the grace before meals in Latin, and hasn't missed her Sunday obligation since conception! :)

Juventutem Australia held a sausage sizzle fundraiser which was quite successful, and very tasty!

As usual, the afternoon fittingly ended with much anticipated Vespers and Benediction - and announcement of upcoming practices for Christmas Matins! Deo gratias in aeternum. What a way to end the liturgical year!

Lastly, a few photographs:

Clergy and servers give reverence to the Monsignor before approaching the altar

Monsignor Schmitz in choir

Last Gospel

The wonderful Eve cooking up a storm!

Myself sheepishly enjoying the said sausages

In the park - makes you smile, doesn't it? Deo gratias!

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