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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Glorious Sunday

Today was a glorious Sunday. Our choir was especially wonderful, performing a very beautiful motet taken from the Gospel of the Saturday of the second week of Lent. I encourage you to download it. The first part - sung as an Offertory motet is here. It's rather sweet - it begins like a little sacred musical jukebox. The second part - sung after the Communion, is here. The bulletin insert is here. Thank you to our Choir Master, Mr Hugh Henry.

Pater, peccavi
In caelum et coram te.
Jam non sum dignus vocari filius tuus.
Fac me sicut unum
Ex mercenariis tuis.

Father, I have sinned
Against heaven and before thee.
Now I am not worthy to be called thy son.
Make me as one
Of thy hired servants.

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