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Friday, March 23, 2007

Two Weeks Left and Wonderful News

Can you believe that there are less than two weeks until the fullness of the glories of Holy Week? Please God that we become ever more focused upon our preparations, so that we might go and die with Christ.

I have some really wonderful news about preparations for World Youth Day. Juventutem Australia had a meeting today with the Melbourne organising committee, and the reception couldn't have been better. As things continue to develop, I become more and more convinced of how marvellous this event is going to be.

The most important thing that I can let you know is that delegations really need to be organised now, and registrations need to begin as soon as possible - Juventutem Australia will provide the necessary directions for registration. All pilgrims intending specifically to partake in the World Youth Day experience with Juventutem will be coming to Melbourne.

Please begin organising your national/language groups or chapters now. This includes appointing group leaders. A chapter can have more than one leader. This is of particular concern for our international pilgrims.

Juventutem Australia is currently working through what this will entail, and will provide ample assistance throughout the registration process.

Deo gratias!

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