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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Patientia Sanctorum

The Saints have a quiet patience in perfect conformity with the Master's. They will but to accomplish the Will of God, feeding upon the food of Christ. If some poor sojourner happens to call upon them for help - a confused sort of general help relying upon a certain Saint's sanctity, and the Faith of the Church - particularly in a way that involves the material as well as the spiritual - veneration of relics etc - then these Saints do not fail to assist in ways that are almost poetic. One can almost see them radiantly gleaming at their handiwork, lauding the Providence of the Lord. What perfect prayer! Gratias agamus!

Earlier I wrote that today was the anniversay of Father McDaniels' Ordination - but I was mistaken. It isn't for a good few days, which now seems appropriate. In any case, please pray for him! It is the anniversary of my first Holy Communion. And tomorrow is the feast of St Aloysius - which will be celebrated as a Solemnity!

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