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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Salve Asperges

So Paschaltide has come to an end. Today we welcome back the Asperges, Angelus, and the Salve Regina - and farewell those things which make our Easter joy so complete. Refer to yesterday's beautiful Liturgy (Ember Saturday) for a good insight about what is now before us - of giving our first fruits to the Lord, and the Lord Himself being sent on Mission. Today resound our praises for the True Faith, for our God in the Blessed Trinity of Persons and Unity of Nature, who has deigned to reveal Himself to us. Deo gratias. Let us pray for the conversion of the world.

Chant classes this morning before Mass.

Yesterday I went to see a wonderful production of The Pirates of Penzance. I was very happy to go and see David Hobson perform live. Anyway, I'm awfully tempted the next time I see a mob in cassocks, to quietly motion a 'tarantara...' (There is a word that sort of looks like my name, but doesn't mean hell!)

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