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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Today is the anniversary of my baptism. Deo gratias.

Last night I was particularly blessed to be in the midst of Successors of the Apostles, Archbishop Hart of Melbourne, and Archbishop Coleridge, of Canberra-Goulburn. Archbishop Coleridge gave a moving memorial oration in honour of a deceased Melbourne priest, a German who had been a U-boat captain, and returned to seminary studies after the War. The Archbishop mentioned an interesting point that I had never really thought about. A Polish Pope, and a German Cardinal (now the Holy Father), the very best of friends and collaborators. Albeit from different sides, both had seen the horrors of Godless ideologies, diabolical assaults on human dignity, and popular despair. In response, they rebelled against the first rebel, the father of lies, and with eyes fixed on the glorified Christ, they preached the Gospel of life, and love, and truth. Father had done a similar thing in answering the call to the Priesthood. It was really quite excellent.

Tomorrow is the Solemnity of Our Lady Help of Christians, Patroness of Australia - and Juventutem's anniversary. I was not in time to post the novena prayer, but I trust that you have seen it about the blogs. It is a most beautiful prayer at any time:

"Most loving Mother Mary, you have always been the Help of Christians. Help us with your powerful protection in life and especially at the hour of our death, so that, after having loved and venerated you on earth, we may come to proclaim your mercy in heaven."

Please pray for Juventutem. A special thank you to Mr Shawn Tribe at the New Liturgical Movement for his support. I strongly encourage local chapters to begin estimating numbers coming to Sydney - including chaplains.

If you are not yet in a chapter, do not be afraid to form one! Gather your friends, tell your pastors, ask the Lord! Please do leave a comment if you would like more assistance - and let us know what you are doing.

Official JA updates, soon. Keep praying for the Holy Father!

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Blogger Robert:

A special thank you to all at this time.

Thu May 24, 01:13:00 PM GMT  

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