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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Benedict XVI's Liturgical Armistice: 'Summorum Pontificum'

Father's article appears as the lead story in this month's AD2000.

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Blogger Lactantius:

On a related matter, I think it fair to say all appears to bade well for the future of the "extraordinary form" here in Melbourne. This afternoon I assisted with the training of some diocesan priests and it was a joy to see them embrace the "extraordinary form". Though they may have struggled a little with the Latin, they certainly made up for it with their enthusiasm and reverence for the sacred mysteries. Having practiced today from the Prayers at the foot of the altar to the Sanctus, tomorrow they will practice from the Canon of the Mass to the Last Gospel.

Wed Aug 01, 02:03:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Lactantius:

The session the following day went very well, although time did not permit instruction and practice from the Pater noster to the Last Gospel. But at least the Canon was covered, so those priests who have received instruction will be able to make Our Lord present.

Sun Aug 05, 06:39:00 AM GMT  

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