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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Two Stories

A venerable parish priest amused himself by giving Latin lessons to a small child. When a friend asked him one day what he was doing, the old priest replied that he was giving Latin lessons and therefore saving society. When his friend showed surprise, the priest said: "Don't be amazed, I am contributing to the salvation of society by preparing this disciple of mine so that some day he may become a priest. It is not enough to establish associations, give lectures, found syndicates ... The Church cannot do without priests. Let us then educate good priests and everything else will be added unto us."

In the magnificent Benedictine church in Ottobeuren there is a picture in which Christ is seated at a table with various reformers as if He were celebrating the Last Supper. Each of His companions has a sign in his hand. Zwingli: "This means My body." Calvin: "This is the virtue of My body." Luther: "This contains My body." Jesus, with an expression of gentle grief, but full of love, looks at the bread in His hand and says: "This IS My body."

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