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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Meanwhile, in Caesarea...

No, seriously. Jersey, Channel Islands, in Latin, is Caesarea. How useful.

La Cathédrale has been restored. Two points to notice, here: La Cathédrale is not, in fact, a cathedral; it hasn't technically been restored. However, it has been un-wreckovated. Apparently the original wreckovation was performed in 1981 whilst the parish priest was in hospital - he came home to find the church whitewashed. A certain priest and myself were plotting the restoration a while back and, after much fundraising and temporary closure of the church (the boilicans were generous enough to lend us one of theirs nearby for the duration) we now have a building that looks like a church. It's amazing how un-church-like you can make a neo-gothic building look.

Anyway, because I can't figure out how to add photos, please click here to see them.

I am suffering from the after-effects of 'I the Lord of Sea and Sky', but thankful nonetheless for a packed church and increasing numbers of young people witnessing to Christ. The island is hoping to send 50 to the next WYD.

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Blogger Lactantius:


Sorry you are feeling "air and sea" sick. I too feel terrible after even the shortest exposure to that particular "song", for I dare not call it a hymn. At least it has scriptural roots unlike some other "songs" that "grace" the church "airwaves".

I am greatly impressed by the restoration work and hope that St. Thomas' will see the classical rite offered there, if it is not already. By the way in honour of which St. Thomas is the church dedicated?

Sun Aug 19, 02:42:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Liturgeist:

'Dominus Meus et Deus Meus' inscribed over the door...

No chance of the Classical Use any time soon, I suspect; there isn't even a quasi-regular Latin NO anywhere. None of the young people have ever encountered the NO-as-it-should-be, let alone the Pius V missal.

However, the whole congregation seem really pleased with the restoration and I think it's already affected behaviour in the church, simply because it is now clearly sacred space.

I'm trying to be +ve.

By the way, the sanctuary is actually where the transcept meets the nave; the tabernacle is considerably further down, right at the East end. It works visually, though.

Sun Aug 19, 02:51:00 PM GMT  

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