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Monday, August 06, 2007

Church Conduct

  1. When entering the church take holy water as a reminder to cleanse your mind of all thoughts.
  2. When in doubt as to the correct procedure during the liturgy, follow the altar servers.
  3. Strict silence should be observed at all times within the church, do not talk even in the vestibule. This does not preclude you from consuming food and beverages after Mass.
  4. Do not throw confetti in the church grounds, it is like dumping rubbish in your neighbour's garden, but in this case it is God's garden.
  5. Respect for God's house forbids the customary signs of affection and congratulation to be indulged in as the bride and bridegroom are walking out of the church.
  6. While waiting for a wedding, the faithful should engage in talk with God and not with one another.
  7. Do not leave your place in the church until the priest has left the sanctuary.
  8. Do not walk up the aisle while the priest is speaking from the pulpit. Should you need to clarify any point or make an objection, wait until the Mass has finished.
  9. Do not stand if there are seats available.
  10. Do not make others crawl over you. This may be impossible where the pews are rather close but if possible raise the kneeler first and stand up.
  11. Do not read anything but a prayerbook or missal in the church. Religious papers should not be read in the church.
  12. Do not put wet umbrellas or coats on the seats that others will have to use as a later Mass.
  13. Do not let children scrath the polished seats or stand on them.
  14. Do not rattle your rosary beads unnecessarily.
  15. Do not pray alone, keep together with the rest of the congregation.
  16. After receiving Holy Communion close your mouth slowly, do not snap it shut.
  17. Always kneel for whole time during which Holy Communion is being distributed. Sit only if you are unwell.
  18. Leave the admiration of ladies' hats, furs and frocks until you have left the church.
  19. Do not turn around in church. An exception might be to see when the bishop is entering the church.
  20. Await your turn to enter the confession. Do not jump other people's claims. Likewise do not wait directly outside the confessional door.
  21. Do not talk in the church while waiting for baptisms. Come punctually at the appointed time.
  22. Men remove their hats before they enter the church, women should never enter unless their heads are covered.
  23. Do not park you motor car in front of the church driveway. This is particularly important if the priest needs to leave in a hurry.

Taken from A Visit to a Catholic Church by Fr. P. Ryan

If you would like to offer additional advice on church etiquette please avoid references to liturgical abuses and keep it clean.

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Blogger Mark:

Always kneel for whole time during which Holy Communion is being distributed. Sit only if you are unwell.

Amen to that! I am the only one it seems who kneels all the way during the communion. It was embarassing at first, but I am not going to give in.,

Mon Aug 06, 06:09:00 AM GMT  

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