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Monday, August 06, 2007

Better than the Archdiocese of Hobart on this wonderful Feast

Point one: I really love my father. Please say a prayer for him. He very providentially elucidated an important theological truth, and I am quite moved. Deo gratias. In flesh and blood, I have a great dad.

Point two: I was able to sit at the table in the common room in the presence of Bishop Costelloe! And speak to a very venerable Dominican brother. It was certainly an occasion for the clapping of hands.

Point three: The Lord is very tolerant of me and my grizzliness. Even at those most frustrating, unlovable moments, He delights in sweets and gestures of Kindness. Even though He knows that they will 'wear off' on this side, and decline again into much pouting. The Fall: A constant bout of toddler tantrum-ism.

Happy Feast! Et audientes discipuli, ceciderunt in faciem suam et timuerunt valde. Et accessit Iesus, et tetigit eos dixitque eis: Surgite, et nolite timere.

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