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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Behind the Scenes

Looking at the martyrology for tomorrow I noted one of the saints commemorated is St. Constantius of Ancona, a sixth-century sacristan of the church of St. Stephen and noted miracle-worker. While I am certain few readers will be familiar with St. Constantius, his feast does prompt one to spare a thought and prayer for those dedicated souls who prepare the altar, flowers, linens, vessels and vestments so that clergy, servers and faithful can offer the most holy sacrifice in a befitting manner. So to all those sacristans who may be reading this blog, I wish you a most blessed and happy feast!!

NB The official patron of sacristans is St. Guy of Anderlecht, whose feast was on the 12th of this month. Adopting a life of poverty from an early age, he worked as a plowman while caring for the poor and sick. His frequenting the local church prompted the parish priest to make him sacristan and he lived inside the church, often praying through the night. One day a merchant promised him great wealth and Guy accompanied him on a voyage. When the ship sank, Guy took it as a sign to return to his old life and as penance for his greed he walked to Rome, then to Jerusalem. Returning to Brussels, he died in 1012 of natural causes and his grave remained forgotten until discovered by a horse. His relics were transferred to a nearby church in 1076 and were repeatedly moved due to wars, before being destroyed by Protestants in the 18th century.

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