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Saturday, November 24, 2007

The last post highlighted a very important and all too neglected issue with proponents of female or married clergy: their desire to completely rewrite the faith which has been handed down to us from Christ and His apostles. It is very rare to find among these dissenters an individual for whom the priesthood alone is a point of contention. Instead the whole canon of the Catholic Church has to be brought into disrepute beginning with the person and work of Christ (Son of God and Saviour of man or Eastern sage and social reformer), and the nature and mission of the Church (mystical body and bride of Christ or mere social institution). Some would even dare go a step further to question the very nature of God (being or force).

That is but one reason why the Church stands in opposed to these dissenters because to give way to their desires will lead to the barque of St. Peter being grounded upon an iceberg.

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