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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sancta Anna

Today a Solemn Mass in the Extraordinary Form was celebrated in the church in which I made my first confession and first Holy Communion. I caught the faith in that beautiful church, so it is a very happy day in Bondi. The first news of such a thing was rather breathtaking. Thank you, Lord.

Our American pilgrims, with Sisters and Father B. made their way, today. I pray that they had a fruitful pilgrimage, and give thanks for having come to know such wonderful friends of the Lord.

I suppose that I am trying to bottle the experience, as it were. But then again, I don't think that that is necessary, because it wasn't a private thing. The only bottle is the jar of peanut butter that I bought today after having taken a liking to it again during breakfasts and lunches at Balmain!

Today too was the first post-WYD public witness experience, being at a small cafe and having the Italian proprietors tell of how moved they were by the television coverage, and visits to their business by pilgrims during the Melbourne stay. They had so much praise for the Holy Father that they almost had tears in their eyes, particularly when they turned to speak of Catholic youth. C. and I were also asked a very nice question, but I am not going to say what that was!

Oh, worthy of mention is the heart of a sermon given by a visiting priest at the Cathedral - what greater sign could there be than that which we have just experienced? If the Lord is calling you to whatever state, if He has shown you something, then go and act and do something! Ears and eyes of holy men and women of old waited to see what you have now seen.

This talk of a 'new Pentecost' is no joke. The Lord is very good.

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