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Monday, October 03, 2005

On the way to the station to go to Mass...

Yes, on the way to the station going to Mass - I am confronted with two options. Study Catholic theology (!?) or continue my patriarchal heritage of freemasonry. I went to Mass.

I do apologise for these rather senseless posts - the Don's post below is much more edifying, but I did want to share this! :)

Seminarian Rob's post is being discussed here: If only they knew of plans of mutiny from Marienfeld the night before, the Holy Father saying the Roman Canon, and the soothing Dominican Rite afterwards! I'm glad we were there.

"I've been to a papal Mass, you know?"
"Really? How wonderful! Was it amidst the glories of St Peter's?"
"No, amongst mice, rubbish, and pop-music on a cold German field. Veils, missals, and mud, I tell you!"
"Well, it's one more than me!"
"Deo gratias."

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Blogger Brownthing:

Wow, that's.... quite a discussion there. Seems to be two people talking about whether we should have shown up at all. ^.~

hahaha, didn't you want to learn about freemasonry?

Tue Oct 04, 04:17:00 AM GMT  

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