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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The joys of...

... my university chaplaincy.

Those who are liturgically squeamish, look away now...

So, first weekday I was able to assist Holy Mass... Monday. What do I say? Umm... we're in the chapel of the Sacred Heart of DNJC... There's beautiful architecture and, at the East end, a lovely altar built on to the wall.

Now add in the comfy chairs, the coffee table... and have Father celebrate the Divine Mysteries seated all the way through (n.p. if it's necessary, but it wasn't), have him and the entire congregation (bar one, obviously) sit through the whole Liturgy, even the consecration itself...

So, I have a few words afterwards... and ask him a few questions. Politely. Why do you do it this way? His reasons are actually fairly good ones - 'I don't want to alienate people' (valid), 'At the Last Supper...'

'Yes, but, Father, we have to remember that the Holy Mass is far more than that. Sometimes people need a little... reminding.'

Second weekday Mass since I've been here. The coffee table has been replaced with something resembling an altar (I think it's actually the credence from the main church, but it at least is at standing height) and a lectern has appeared. We're still spoken, English, versus populum and full of other little things which are actually contrary to Redemptionis Sacramentum, but distinct progress. Within a year, I doubt I can inspire a Liturgy here that will truly raise us to the heights but, just maybe, we'll have a decent English vernacular Normativa.

Um... S. Pius...???

Prayers gratefully accepted!

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Anonymous Anonymous:

I could hear your voice throughout the entire post :)

You have my prayers :) It sounds as though we attend the same university - though our chapel, I believe, leaves a little more to be desired. I have been blessed in that very soon, within the next days even, I will be able to share photographs with you. Now, I have complained about it enough, and aside from sharing with you all a poor example of modernist church architecture, I would like your ideas on how to address the problem, ie improvements. I also want a picture of the 'genie Jesus' gnostic cross-like structure, and my dear Byzantine priest preparing for the Divine Liturgy under it... :)

Happy feast of St Michael! :)

Thu Sep 29, 04:59:00 AM GMT  

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