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Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Oratory thingy

Well, for a first night that was almost entirely publicised by word of mouth, I think there were around 40 or 50 people (totally thrown because I'd expected around ten) at least.

O'course, this was just a social as first night...

I ran into an old friend from the Channel Islands' Youth Orchestra... long story... I was just coming round, as it were, and can remember before going one year praying that I'd be hosted with a Catholic family... that's the kind of odd prayer to which one seems to receive a 'D'accord' from the Almighty... Anyway, it was her family who took me in that weekend; she's now in her first year at the Royal College of Music studying 'cello and lives with some friends of mine (inc. Marissa).

Great bunch. Hopefully this'll grow and grow...

Usual downside though... there's a certain class of people attracted by the Oratory, largely because of where it is, and that's put a lot of people off. Still, I'm looking forward to the next session which is on THURSDAY 20th OCTOBER.


Still struggling with web access...

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Blogger Boeciana:

Thanks for the report! Will try to wangle a reason to be south in Oct - oh, no, bah, think am lecturing on 21st. Bother. Oh well.

Sun Sep 25, 12:57:00 PM GMT  
Anonymous Gregory:

Many thanks to Julie for coming along. I think the numbers were closer to 85 than 50.

It would lovely if many of you did come across/down/up for future talks; with God's grace, much penance and hard work this group could do a lot of good.

My warm regards to you all

Sun Sep 25, 09:48:00 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous:

The glories of living in Europe - this from a small, muffled voice from the south of an isolated island...

Mon Sep 26, 05:38:00 AM GMT  

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