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Thursday, September 22, 2005

"Pell's text message: English syllabus has no morals"

WYD 2008 host cardinal making the news:
Schools that abandoned traditional English programs in favour of "critical literacy" were trying to make students agents of social change, Cardinal George Pell warned yesterday.

In a speech in Canberra yesterday, the Catholic archbishop said some schools were placing too much focus on texts that normalised "moral and social disorder".

"While parents wonder why their children have never heard of the Romantic poets, Yeats or the Great War poets, and never ploughed through a Bronte, Orwell or Dickens novel, their children are engaged in analysing a variety of 'texts', including films, magazines, advertisements and even road signs as part of critical literacy," Cardinal Pell declared.
He gets Orwell

(Hat tip: FreeRepublic)

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Anonymous Anonymous:

Yes, indeed. You see, that is why my Latin study is becoming increasingly difficult. We were never taught fundamental grammar in school, so it must all be learnt now. Kind of like the liturgy, but that is another thing all together.. :)

Thu Sep 22, 12:35:00 AM GMT  

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