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Monday, September 19, 2005

Juventutem anecdote

This adventurous account was found on the blog of Catholic author Amy Welborn, from the mother of a non-Juventutem pilgrim.

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Blogger Brownthing:

Very amusing. I'm glad they made it.

Whirled-Youth-in-the-Mud Day....*shudder* I was NOT looking forward to that.

Tue Sep 20, 04:58:00 AM GMT  
Blogger chrysogonus:

Interesting story. I had a similiar experience. I arrived in Dusseldorf, 2 days earlier, than the rest of the juventutem, on the Saturday. I hadn't registered and didn't have the address of St. Antonius. After asking around, I heard there were 3 such churches! I was wandering around that afternoon, and stumbled upon some local organizers erecting a banner at the St. - they, along with anyone else I had spoken to earlier had not heard of the "juventutem" group. They invited me into their "headquarters" where they had a computer and various equipment. They disconnected various office equipment, so they could plug in a modem to dial-up the internet for me. We eventually were online, even though the modem kept dropping out, and I showed them the picture on the juvventutem page of St. Antonius, and they instantly knew where it was. Whew! After that, one of them (realizing I was an "english speaking pilgrim") personally escorted me several blocks away to the train station, and showed me how to get there. Given how busy they all were, this little incident stood out for me over the ensuing week, as a great example of what our faith is very much about. Thanks to this little group, their help, their friendliness and their welcome, I felt very much at home in Dusseldorf from then on.

Tue Sep 20, 09:17:00 PM GMT  

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