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Saturday, October 22, 2005

A young girl's awe destroyed... with a chain-saw!

St Anne's Bondi Beach, of whose primary school I attended from 1993-1995 and received First Communion:

From this:

To this:

More can be found on the story here.

I knew something was wrong in 1995 when the new priest came to our school - I don't recall a collar, and confessions were moved from the confessional to the front of the church. I once read the Epistle in year four from that lovely sandstone pulpit, and I remember our class were given free potato chips for the effort! I also remember (participating in!) some semi-liturgical dance in 1995...

Anyway, this church is (erat?) quite magnificent, with two lovely side chapels, one containing a most beautiful Byzantine inspired mosaic of Christ. I expected all churches to look like this! I remember the stained glass windows too, and walking round the church ALWAYS with hands folded. Genuflecting ALWAYS before the sanctuary. I just knew. I was an awe-inspired little child (and very much enjoy today seeing other awe-inspired little children), and I do wish that I could remember my prayers from back then. The Most Holy Mother of God has surely taken care of me - noticeably from this time. Our motto was 'Sub tuum praesidium'. Indeed. What a joy it has been after such a long journey, to be finally home at the Latin Mass - and to know it! I felt like that child again, committing myself totally to it and for it on my 21st birthday in May before the Blessed Mother's chapel, which strongly resembles the one I would kneel before in St Anne's, deep in prayer from ages 8-11. I finally feel like the little child again, though with some things to purge, again at a St A's!

After I return from the Christus Rex pilgrimage (100km walk over three days with solemn Masses etc), and after the ceremonies of All Saints and All Souls, I will go on a personal pilgrimage back up to Sydney to visit the place where our dear Mother first placed her mantle around me, and I'm certain showed to me 'a mystical book'. I'm still not sure what it was! :) I'll also visit the FSSP Sydney apostolate.

In the meantime, I beseech St John Damascene and the Holy English Martyrs to pray for us during this new (and very clear period of iconoclasm! Perhaps add him to litany for the Church in our time! :)

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