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Monday, October 10, 2005

Hooray 'little flock'!

Last night, Father gave his blessing for an official group of young people to be formed at St A's. Essentially, it is a 'youth group' - but that term has connotations that I don't like. There is already a strong group of about 15 of us ready to go.

Although the majority are yet to be consulted, I would envision the group serving the following purpose:
  • Organising theocentric, tasteful social activities/outings on a monthly basis
  • Praying and providing real support for our priests, community, and one another
  • Forming a platform from which the young people in our apostolate can be addressed
  • Sending delegates to represent the apostolate at diocesan events
  • Promoting the Latin Mass within the diocese, particularly amongst youth (giving them rightful option!)
  • Growing deeper in our love and appreciation for the venerable traditions of which we are custodians
  • Discernment of vocation

We are the front line soldiers, we are the spring lambs! Please let me know your thoughts! There is also all of that fun stuff about coming up with names etc :)

Comments [2]

Anonymous Anonymous:

Sounds great, but if the majority are "yet to be consulted", how do you know that "they're ready to go"?

Mon Oct 10, 12:49:00 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous:

Well, we have the number 'ready to go' to be formed into the group - I have spoken to about five people, and they are quite excited about the idea. The consultation of course would deal more with the points that I outlined. I think Father has been thinking about something like this for awhile now :)

Mon Oct 10, 11:32:00 PM GMT  

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