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Friday, October 07, 2005

Pontifical low Mass, NO hymns

"Yes, just look at her! She's wearing... A HAT! And, woe is me, she's following... THE (their very) RUBRICS!" I did all this right under His Grace's nose, too! Shock horror! His Grace of course NOT the one shocked at my hat-wearing, knee-bending antics.

"It's very nice to have the Archbishop at X to celebrate Mass, but moreso than that..." (My paraphrase, but keeping the original idea in tact).

Yes, moreso than the Mass. Why on earth are our seminaries and religious houses not overflowing? Young people and families absent from our pews?

I didn't make a show, let alone a false one. I can't happily attend that Rite anymore, I just can't. I am not being a seperatist, I am not denying validity, nor condemning anyone. I would do anything for my Clergy, but I am being honest. The Lord surely knows how I feel, even if I can't express it. Lord, what happened...

Quare tristis es, anima mea, et quare conturbas me?

I will be attending Mass 'at home' tonight however, and will be remembering all of you during overnight Exposition in my poor prayers :)

Please pray for me.

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Blogger Brownthing:

I'm missing something were being rubrical and people stared and now you're going to Mass that isn't Novus Ordo?

Thank you for your prayers!!! :-)

Fri Oct 07, 05:51:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Amanda:

I'm with you too....I am not going to the Novus Ordo anymore. I attended two weeks of the most beautiful liturgies imaginable. Then on the rest of my Europe trip I stopped in to various churches for Mass (Novus Ordo, of course). In Ireland I had to endure "In the name of the Creator, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.." and at Lourdes there were so many grave abuses that it left me angry, bitter, and in tears. I came to one inevitable conclusion. No matter how hard I try, I cannot find peace in the New Mass. I do not deny it's validity. I don't go to the SSPX. But, unless it is the direst of circumstances, I will not attend a Novus Ordo Mass again.

Good luck and God bless,

Sat Oct 08, 02:54:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Boeciana:

Amici dilecti, don't give up. If you're ever in Scotland (come to Scotland! come to Scotland!) go to Pluscarden Abbey, which is completely NO as it should be. Or go to the Oxford or London Oratories. Yes, be careful; but it's good to see places where the new Mass is still very recognisably The Mass, rather than places where one has to sit on one's hands thinking 'it's the Mass it's the Mass it is it is it is...' And they do exist! The former, I mean; you know all about the latter... I don't mean to sound preachy, and goodness knows it's hard, but.

(My word verification word here is 'hymdhos'. Doesn't that sound like the name of a dragon from Norse mythology?!)

In caritate Jesu et genetricis Eius,


Sat Oct 08, 02:06:00 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous:

Gratias carissime :)

We are blessed to have the Classical Rite everyday (even twice a day!) I was only showing my loyalty to my bishop by attending the aforementioned at X - where X stands for the place where I study.

I would love to go to Scotland - I do have heritage there :)

Mon Oct 10, 08:11:00 AM GMT  

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