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Monday, October 30, 2006


being held at Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London beginning tonight and ending on All Saints' Day. Something of an antidote to the long-expected school Mass on Wednesday. At least they're having one. This is a positive thing. Sometimes I think I should just work in a secular school and take days off for religious observance..!

There will, of course, be High Mass each day (though if anyone able to subdeacon the Mass for Peace on Tuesday is reading this, do get in touch!) and I think the lads will actually be in choir for once. This has necessitated much cassock-borrowing resulting in slight problems immediately before last night's Rosary and Benediction. Our dear Polish priest, having given up on English, slipped into Latin, for which I commend him. Various Requiems to be held during next month, obviously, with a special Sunday on 12th November (Rememberance Sunday) at Bede's.

Incidentally, what's the correct plural of Requiem when used as a noun on it's own???

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