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Saturday, January 13, 2007

At the Pictures

Over this weekend I have twice visited the cinema.

Yesterday, I was scandalised by libertine "pagan" penguins. Happy Feet is not a family movie.

On Friday night I went to see Apocalypto, and I was deeply impressed. The film is exceptionally brutal, but the scenes seek to express cold facts rather than gratuitous violence. The film bears similarity to the Passion, with comparable film techniques and sound track.

I am quite convinced that thoughtful Catholics will gain the most out of this film. It is rated MA 15+ in Australia, but I would not take anybody 18 and under. Perhaps only those who have reached 21, with a few exceptions.

I will not say too much more, but the film has much Catholicity weaved throughout it. Respect and love for the family, and fruitfulness (the crude sections of the film are to do with the propagation of the family, so I suppose it lessens their crassness). There are allusions to the Mass, the Sacred Heart, to Baptism, to the Blessed Mother, to Light overcoming the darkness, of the Nunc Dimittis, of the Babylonian captivity, and Pharonic slavery, to the Mosaic Exodus, and the stark and pure blackness of a world enslaved without Christ. At the end of the film you will want to shout "Christus Vincit". Gratuitous grace.

Watch for the final thing you see in the film, and for the old man telling stories around the fire, who seems as though his outfit has Miraculous Medals hanging on it - though I can't be positive. There are some 'prophecies' given in the film, somewhat in the same style as in the Passion - watch for the last one - I think it says something about a judgement with fire. I can't remember. I seem to remember 'fire' - if what I am saying is accurate, then I am sure that you will understand what that means by the end of the film.

I recommend this film. It will certainly help you appreciate the 'warring' psalms a little better!

A nice instance happened yesterday, too. Jude and I were having lunch and as we went to pay the bill, the owner commented on how taken he was when he saw us crossing ourselves and praying before our meal. He was Syrian Orthodox, and in Australia for 13 years and had never seen anyone here do that. It was lovely, because right at this time three years ago, I was first very taken by some friends crossing themselves and praying before their every meal, and so decided finally to take the Faith seriously. Deo gratias.

Please say a prayer for my father, it is his birthday today! (14th)

Comments [2]

Blogger PiusXIII:

I havent seen happy feet, but what is wrong with it?

And I just thought you ended that in an odd way. It took me a while to understand that the 14th was your father's birthday, i was too caught up in the thought that it was your fathers 14th birthday.

Wed Jan 17, 12:19:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Perpétua:

Happy Feet is entirely proped up on sexuality and a horrible soundtrack, and is NOT suitable for children. The storyline is banal. It is hardly about some sweet little dancing penguin - which is rather annoying because that was the whole reason that I saw the film.

It was only after I made the post that I thought it perhaps sounded like my father had turned 14! :)

Thank you for the feedback, and God bless you.

Wed Jan 17, 08:13:00 AM GMT  

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