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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Popule Meus

I think I know everything. I went to bow for the Gloria Patri during the Asperges and was met with Silence. It was wonderful.

How does one express entering into Passion Week? How? I'm now at that awful stage of Sunday when I feel very slumpy, and full of sighs. The day still holds a lot, but there is a post-Mass sadness.

The time is glorious, just glorious. Look around your church. Everything has changed overnight - everything. The Offices have changed, with the most splendid hymns, and increasingly serious and violent responsories - dogs, and swords - and then in the tract, the cutting of necks. Things are deadly serious. But how can you possibly express it? And the preface, which I'm still trying to grasp. And we get to participate? In the depths of God, and God in our depths?

Vere tu es Deus absconditus.


O Crux ave, spes unica.

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