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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ecce sacerdos

Today I had the joy of seeing Archbishop Denis Hart welcome into the order of presbyters, Andrew Keswick. Andrew is the first Australian studying at the North American College to be ordained, having been previously at the Propaganda Fide, and upon completion of his studies in Rome, will return to become a priest of the archdiocese of Melbourne.
To see this young man, who I first met when in his first year at Corpus Christi Seminary, finally receive the office of the priesthood, be clothed in the chasuble and have his hands consecrated, was a truly touching sight. It made me call to mind the words from the Office of Confessors, "Elegit eum Dominus sacerdotam sibi. Amavit eum Dominus, et ornavit eum, stolam gloriae induit eum."Truly it was something which could only make one stand in awe at the dedication and dignity of the priesthood, of the priests who serve Melbourne in particular.
On a more personal note, my experience of this joyous occasion was enhanced by the presence of our own chaplain, who has contributed in his own little way to the development of Fr. Keswick and no doubt planted the seed for him to be hopefully celebrating the Classical Rite in the future. Deo volente!
So a very large tip of the biretta to Fr. Keswick and in the words of our Holy Mother, the Catholic Church, "Iuravit Dominus, et non paenitebit eum, Tu es sacerdos in aeternum."

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