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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One Year to Go

This day marks exactly one year until Juventutem's opening Mass in Melbourne. It will be a votive Mass of the Blessed Sacrament, offered by Bishop Peter Elliott.

I must begin to mention how we 'brought in' the Motu Proprio while in Canberra. The MacKillop Ball commenced in the Great Hall of Parliament House at 8:00pm - our table toasted to the Holy Father, and I sipped some enjoyable red wine called 'Cardinal's Choice'. There is so much to capture - but there had been cheers all throughout the day - a packed chapel for the Classical Liturgy on Friday night (including impressed Melkite visitors). The next day, Cardinal Cassidy said 'oremus' during Mass. And Bishop Jarrett! A magnificent preacher - and a great friend of the Classical Liturgy. I can't describe it. You'll have to wait for the recordings. All in one place that Saturday night - the MC, Servers from Queensland, Fr Jordan SJ, Bishop Anthony Fisher OP, Archbishop Chaput, Dr Tracey Rowland, Bishop Jarrett, Cardinal Cassidy, the Pilgrim, the Indolent Server, Reps from Tradelaide, FSSP Seminarian(s), and many other delightful others. Just because it happened to be the 7th of July.

It was all very wonderful, and very wholesome. We even did penance by finding ourselves locked out of our rooms for most of that cold night. Practice for that Vigil, we said.

We returned to Melbourne on Sunday afternoon, in the bus that we came in - borrowed from the Baptists - the 'Jesus bus' - with 'Jesus is the Answer' in bold letters along its side. It attracted some attention - and a possible convert.

Update: I have been kindly reminded that the Cardinal in question, is Cardinal Cassidy - not Cardinal Clancy! This also gives me the opportunity to recount the make-shift Saturday lunch purchased from Canberra Coles, and consumed on Anglican church property. Meat, bread, and dip, and it was very good.

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