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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Oh X-U, how I weep over thee...

Would somebody kindly tell the likes of Christendom and Thomas Aquinas College that they are missing some really theologically prominent minds on their reading lists? Who could possibly do theology and the arts and not study the venerable Karl Rahner? I mean Hilaire Belloc? Who is she?

When the time comes for the 'title' of B.Theol to be bestowed after my name, I will have to begin paying back thousands of dollars for a dead theological education. Dead in many senses of the word. It was the Will of the Lord that I came this way - I had to - but I find the whole situation quite comical. I'm not worried about myself, I'm worried for all the little children who will be put under the care of graduates in RE classes. Deo gratias though of course for the ones slightly younger than myself who now have the opportunity to attend a place like Campion College to get a solid Catholic liberal arts education. I used to live in the suburb in which it has been erected, too! Haha!

Yes, beloved contradiction! What is the Latin Mass loving P.BTheol (almost) to do, when she reveals to her fratres she is a graduate of X-U? I love it.

Only the Lord knows what is going to happen to His poor servant next year, and I quite like that. If I knew, I would quite easily get in the way!

I think I'll end with a thought from dear Father McD's sermon today for the resumed 5th Sunday after Epiphany. He said something along the lines of that even though the devil has the ability to sow weeds amongst the wheat, the very fact that he must do so in the same field is testament to his state as a creature - the one who seeks to destroy can never conquer try as he might, for he remains always subject to the Creator. Father of course said it much more beautifully, and expounded the consequences much more. Imagine being confounded like that for eternity... Quis ut Deus?

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Blogger Dan:

I know this is not your point. But Thomas Aquinas College does not offer a B.Theol. It would be a little silly for them to teach an author, Karl Rahner, who has not had the kind of impact as other Great Book authors.

I should mention I found the blog your blog via google.

Sun Nov 06, 07:34:00 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous:

The education systems of the States and Australia are different - we don't really focus on the liberal arts, hence straight out BAs with set curriculums. I am just documenting the rubbish our students are subjected to. Of course it is silly to teach Rahner! But they do :) We wouldn't know who great book authors were.

Mon Nov 07, 12:49:00 AM GMT  

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