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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hi all...

Prayer request, please.

Next Sunday is my first as director of the 'Capella Ave Maris Stella' at the infamous S. Bede's, London. Anyway, music to include Victoria's Missa Ave Maris Stella and motets by Byrd and Palestrina. Any and all to please bug S. Gregory about this in the hopes that I won't hugely mess up and put things in the wrong places. Unlikely, but possible, especially as the singers won't know what's going on. .

Oh, and has anyone looked at the Communion Antiphon for sexagesima yet? If you haven't, do. And laugh a little bit. And then take it as an excuse to pray for all involved in Juventutem, if you will. Not that excuses are needed, but, well... it won't hurt!

Big hugs all round as I'm feeling a bit sentimental right now and need my family.

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Blogger Perpétua:

How lovely - the antiphon brings a smile to my face! Do know that you are in my prayers. I miss everyone an awful lot, but I trust in God that we will be together soon, and approach the rail together. God bless you.

Tue Feb 14, 01:20:00 PM GMT  

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