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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Rejoicing and Relief

A resounding Deo gratias for a most beautiful day! The Archdiocese is rejoicing in its four newly ordained priests, three of whom I have had the honour of studying with over the past year.

The Liturgy was about as beautiful as it could get - organ, boys' choir, half the priests of Melbourne, all her bishops, and surprisingly more chapel veils than one would likely see at a European High Mass!

I think I made the same comment back in June after Father McCaffrey was ordained, but the experience remains indescribable.

On a personal level, it was such a great relief to see all the lovely people that I studied with up until three months ago, and many others whom I had the pleasure of meeting today. What a blessing, goodness me A great relief indeed as the last three months have been difficult - wonderful in many ways, but ploughingly difficult. It is nice to have some peace.

Liturgical entertainment ad extra the Ordinations included the always edifying postlude of French Latin excerpts from the Breviary. I'm afraid a certain Dominican's pitch and 'r' swallowing are far better than mine! Latina Gentium! Hooray! :)

Good news too, on the pro-life front. Despite that today's Ordinations and Right to Life Australia's annual Freedom to be Born March ran concurrently, the March was attended by some 2000 people, and attracted media attention from the major networks. One of the newly ordained will be offering this month's Mass in reparation for abortion at the Cathedral organised by the Helpers of God's Precious Infants.

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