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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Classical Roman Rite after 40 years back in Dutch parish

Amstelveenseweg 161 te 1075 XA Amsterdam -

Starting September the 17th 2006 the Traditional Mass will be back in a Roman Catholic parish church in the Netherlands. From that date on there will be a H. Mass acoording to the Classical Roman Rite (Missale Romanum 1962 in the Saint Agneschurch in Amsterdam at 12:00 hour.

This Tridentine H. Mass is introduced in the Saint Agneschurch with the permission of the bisshop of Haarlem, Mgr. dr. J.M. Punt and the blessing of Pope Benedict XVI, in cooperation with the Fraternity of Saint Peter.

The first Solemn Sung High Mass will be celebrated by the Superior General oof the Fraternity of Saint Peter, Father J. Berg, Deacon Provincial Superior of the Benelux Father H. Hygonnet and subdeacon Father G. Duroissin; master of ceremonies is Father M. Knudsen (all FSSP).

Vocal Ensemble Col Canto will sing the Mass in D dur of Antonin Dvorák, organ Bram Biersteker, conductor Joyce Hoohenkerk. With the cooperation of the Gregorian Schola of the Saint Agneschurch (director Bram Biersteker).

This Mass wil be celebrated in memoriam for Mgr. H.J.A. Bomers (+ 1998). This former Bishop of Haarlem (1983 - 1998) has always been positif towards the Classical Roman Rite. Mgr. Bomers has ordained 6 priests for the Fraternity of Saint Peter in Witzgrabad (Germany) in juni 1998.
[Please note, this is a quick translation of the first half of the press release that was released by the parishboard of the Saint Agnes Church. The second half of the release contains general knowledge about the Latin Mass that should be know to the reader of this blog]

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