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Monday, October 02, 2006

Ad multos annos!

Thanks be to God and congratulations to Fr John Emerson FSSP for twenty-five years in the priesthood! His Silver Jubilee was actually on the feast of Ss Peter and Paul, but the celebratory Mass and bash were at last held on Saturday, happily St Jerome's feast, in St Andrew's, Ravelston, Edinburgh. There was a lovely Missa Cantata, then lots of food and a large chocolate cake. Father spoke movingly about the priesthood, saying that the vocation is given less for the sake of the individual in question than for the sake of Christ's Church. Fra Fredrik Crichton-Stuart SMOM read out a splendid letter from the Superior General of the FSSP.
Praise be to God for this priest, and long may Fr Emerson serve Christ and His Church in holiness and joy!

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Blogger Robert:

Congratulations to Father Emerson.I met him a few years ago in Ireland during a visit of Father Devillers to Ireland.I know the Institute of Christ the King celebrate a monthly mass in Limerick and several Diocesan priests and those in religious orders say the Traditional mass in certain areas of Ireland but we pray that Traditional Apostolates will be established in Ireland.

Tue Oct 03, 07:06:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Perpétua:

Mass and bash! Yes! :)

Tue Oct 31, 09:25:00 AM GMT  

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