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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Now that the Ember Days had come to an end...

Deo gratias for a wonderful day! I have my glasses now and can enjoy the beauty of stained glass at last. Schola was particularly lovely, too.

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Blogger Lactantius:

Yet another 'observation' from one who spends far too much time waxing lyrical about the not so obvious. Though I have seeing this plate up close, looking at it from this angle reminds me of seafood, perhaps a crab served with potato. (Might have to do with the slightly orange colour and arrangement.) Just take a moment and look carefully.

That said, P don't get rid of the photo since it adds some 'flavour' to the blog. Also goes to show that being Catholic is as much about feasting as it is fasting since Our Lord did both, thus sanctifying them both.

BTW If anyone other than P reads this, the contents of the plate is Belgium waffles, strawberries, ice cream and chocolate. As P notes, a wonderful way to mark the end of ember days.

I might also add for readers that today we had a full compliment of sacred ministers, servers and schola on the sanctuary, numbering sixteen in total, which must be a record for a small community currently numbering about 60-70. Made things a little difficult for some of the faithful to observe the altar (the schola has to occupy the centre of the sanctuary floor when chanting since we lack choir stalls) but certainly pleased others. Only wish it could be like this every week and we had a larger church.

Sun Sep 24, 02:35:00 PM GMT  

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