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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Benedictine Visit

"Dom Christopher Andrews OSB, a newly ordained Benedictine monk of Our Lady of Clear Creek Monastery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will be visiting us on the weekend of 3rd – 4th February. Fr Christopher is a New Zealander, and the first from this Region to be solemnly professed and ordained for one of the family of traditional Benedictine houses associated with Fontgombault Abbey, in France. Father will celebrate the Solemn Mass on Sunday 4th February, as well as preach and confer first blessings at both Burke Hall and Caulfield. Clear Creek also has its first Australian member (currently in simple vows) - Br James Middeldorp of Adelaide. We hope that Fr Christopher will be able to present a short talk on traditional Benedictine life during his visit. He will also be available to speak with anyone considering a monastic vocation."

Very exciting news! Something to wait for in prayerful anticipation. However, for whatever reason, I can't seem to be able to navigate the Clear Creek website? Please say a prayer for the safe success of Father's visit.

Dom Christopher's Solemn Mass will be that of Septuagesima - and therefore, liturgically at least, the second anniversary of my first Classical Roman Liturgy. I remember this only really from a discussion in the car that morning on the way to the church. Jude mentioned that that Sunday it happened to be 'Septuagesima' - and I said, "Sep-choo-a-what?" What a perfect feast to discover the Classical Liturgy.

For the past few days, I have been feeling rather glum, and at times, grumpy. I'd been planning a loaded post with a sharp direction, but it has been discharged by tomorrow's Epistle - one of my favourite lines about outdoing evil by doing the good, so therefore, will your charity mount upon your enemy's head like hot coals. How can you not but love those who hate you - spending more time and energy upon you, than those who love you?

PS Epiphany water is powerful stuff! Deo gratias!

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