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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Gloria, laus, et honor tibi sit, Rex Christe Redemptor!

In simple state, ride on to die.

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Blogger Marty:

Gday guys

Just a note to say 'Good Blog' and that the Wangaratta Latin Mass Society weblog has added this site as a link, hope thats ok.


Mon Apr 02, 06:57:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Bare Ruin'd Choirs:

Is that Alban Nunn OSB in the cope at the head of the procession? Has he moved back to Australia?

Mon Apr 02, 08:16:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Perpétua:

Thank you, Marty! The link is very much appreciated, God bless you.

Dom Alban is visiting at the present time - and he is assisting during Holy Week ceremonies.

Tue Apr 03, 08:16:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Bare Ruin'd Choirs:

Thanks Perpetua,

If you see Alban, say 'Hi' to him from Giles. I knew him at Oxford where he encouraged many people towards Tradition.

Tue Apr 03, 10:32:00 PM GMT  

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