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Sunday, October 21, 2007

From the Annals of St Aloysius

Following our previous post of Omar's birthday celebrations, we wish to announce that he has been appointed sacristan for the Christus Rex pilgrimage from Ballarat to Bendigo. This is a great honour for young Omar and may finally bring him to the attention of the new Papal Master of Ceremonies in case he is looking for an apprentice.
These three pairs of episcopal gloves were purchased from the official papal outfitters, Gamarelli's. The set in the middle will be adorning His Lordship, Bishop Peter Elliott, for the final mass of the Christus Rex pilgrimage.
Our own Perpetua in conversation with the 'extraordinary' Ray: catechist, sacristan, Franciscan Tertiary, occasional joker and raconteur.

The banner procured from England for the Christus Rex pilgrimage. This was unfurled yesterday at a Mass for pilgrims and again today as a reminder of the pilgrimage.

The latest sighting of a mysterious cleric in capello and cassock, whom I have on good authority has also been spotted in Rome. We are yet to identify this figure but assume from his attire he is either a supporter of the Missal of 1962 or Father Brown impersonator, albeit without the umbrella.

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Blogger Perpétua:

Jude, I think these photo essays should become a regular thing. What fun!

Tue Oct 23, 01:57:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Lactantius:

Thank you, Perpetua.

One thing which Margaret Scott mentioned was that she was the chronicler at her parish in England, corresponding with historians and museums who were compiling records of ecclesiastical treasures.

So in like manner I should like to chronicle the events of our little community at St. A's, partly for posterity but mainly to show that you can embrace tradition and still enjoy yourself.

Wed Oct 24, 08:15:00 AM GMT  

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