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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Register for World Youth Day with Juventutem

Pilgrims wishing to register for World Youth Day with Juventutem can now do so. All pilgrims are requested to join group #770 'Juventutem'. This is for the sake of sanity.

Please note: There are two steps in registering as a pilgrim with Juventutem:

First, please register for World Youth Day following the link above, and when prompted, the group number. The World Youth Day registration fee is AU $395, which can be paid at a later date.

Secondly, there will be a 'Juventutem fee' of AU $300 for the two week program, or AU $150 for Sydney only. The bulk of this fee will cover pilgrim transport to Sydney by coach, and the rest will contribute to the general costs involved with planning an event of this magnitude in conspectu Dei et hominum.

The Juventutem fee will be payable on the Juventutem Australia website, again, that too can be paid at a later date, and payment facilities and applicable information will be available in the coming fortnight.

Less than ten months to go. Dear Little Flower, pray for us.

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Blogger About the Glorificamus Society:

Has anyone been asking for the Traditional Mass to be celebrated at St Pat's Cathedral? What has been the response?

Thu Oct 11, 04:26:00 AM GMT  

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